Friday, August 15, 2008

What leads to feminism?

Well, mostly I think it’s a person’s background. Or more precisely a woman’s background. Not just her family background but also her surroundings, like neighbourhood, school, work place and etc.

You can have the worst case scenario, where the man in the family is a total jerk. Maybe he is a father who is a total looser that is irresponsible and loves pushing people around. Perhaps she has a father that had always wanted a son, and ended up with daughters. Treat them second class, like they don’t deserve anything good for themselves. Sometimes fathers constantly push a daughter to compete with a male sibling.

First the daughter might be intimidated by the opposite gender, but then as she grows, she might just outgrow the fear and overcome it through a whole new perspective. They can be better than a man. The can manage without a man. They do not need a man. They feel like they can do anything, which a man can do.

Of course there is gender biasness everywhere. Not just when picking a class monitor, or during a job interview. A man is preferred rather than a woman, simply because woman is fussy. Some people might say that. But if a man is meticulous, he is respected. What’s the difference?

When a man is chosen because he is outspoken, he is just being true. But if a woman speaks the truth, she has got a bad mouth. A woman has too many strings attached. A woman is a mother, someone’s wife, someone’s daughter or daughter in law, too many obligations. A woman has maternity leave. No work but must pay.

A woman needs a longer time to do everything. She has to re-do her make-up every time after prayer. She eats slower and she walks slower. So? Why became a feminist? Because not all that had been said is true. We re-do our make up, but we don’t show up late for work because we wake up late every morning. We are diligent, we want to make up, and we wake up early. We eat longer? Most of the times, we are on diet. We walk slower? But only if we’re at the third trimester of our pregnancy.

The weird truth is, that nowadays we are sophisticated enough to ignore gender biasness. But our customs and beliefs are just moulded together in the idea that men are better than women. Even though both sex pretty much have their own unique qualities and flaws.

But hey, try imagining a man, breast feeding a baby? Not much of a view rite???


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